Demon of Mount Oe

Demon of Mount Oe


A demon-faced monster seeking revenge appears in the forms of a gigantic ox and a huge spider! The young Genji warrior protects the Fujiwara Clan and the beautiful lady in tragic love! A grand visual epic told with mesmerizing extravagance! "KAWAGUCHI Masutaro's original story based off of the fairy tale 'The Termination of the Mt. Oe Demon' was made into a film. The scene of the fated duel where sparks fly between HASEGAWA Kazuo as the Mt. Oe Demon and ICHIKAWA Raizo as the Genji General Yorimitsu is extraordinary. TANAKA Tokuzo fashioned the period piece into a grand spectacle that is entertaining. "Toward the end of the Heian Period, Lord Kanpaku gives away a mistress of his, Lady Nagisa to Minamoto Yorimitsu. She is possessed by the demonic spirit. Yorimitsu decides to take his loyal subordinates, the Invincible Four with him to destroy their leader, Shuten Doji of Mt. Oe."

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 1960

Genre: Fantasy; Martial Arts;

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